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    Car Battery Replacement in Jersey City, NJ

    Car Battery Replacement in Jersey City, NJ

    Wouldn’t it be better to find out that you have some minor damage to your car battery — or even the starting and charging system — before you get stuck? When you rely on the battery experts at in Jersey City, you get that information in plenty of time to make the decision to ensure your vehicle starts every time. Checking your battery cables is part of the regular preventative maintenance steps you can expect from the top-rated auto repair shop that’s been serving New Jersey and New York City’s five boroughs since 1999. Call today to make sure your driving isn’t interrupted by a minor issue with your charging system. Avoid getting stuck on the side of the road.

    What Does a Car Battery Do?

    Car Battery ReplacementYour car battery is part of your vehicle’s electrical system that:

    • Provides the electric power needed to start your vehicle
    • Powers accessories like the lights and radio

    Batteries typically aren’t made to last the lifetime of your car. Sooner or later, all car batteries need replacement. And while the battery is often the obvious place to check when you’re having trouble starting your car, you really need the expertise and diagnostic capabilities of the all-star technicians at to accurately assess electrical problems.

    Serving Jersey City for auto repair and preventive maintenance, including all five boroughs, they’re your dealer alternative, providing both major and minor repairs and service on all makes and models of vehicles —both foreign and domestic, personal and fleet vehicles.

    Why Won’t My Car Start?

    When you can’t start your vehicle, chances are you have a dead battery. You can always ask another motorist for a jump start and go about your business, but you’ll likely have the same problem the next time you try to start the car. You’re better served taking your car straight to an auto electronic specialist to find out if your battery needs a charge or if there are other issues going on with the electrical system.

    Don’t get stranded again. There are other conditions besides a depleted battery that can cause your vehicle not to start. These include:

    • Clogged fuel injectors
    • Failed alternator
    • Damaged starter motor
    • Worn spark plugs
    • Corroded battery terminals

    Even if your car starts when the current battery is charged, your The Waxman of Tristate technician checks all those other parts to ensure they’re in good working order.

    What Are Some Signs I Need a Car Battery Replacement?

    The average new battery in a fuel-driven vehicle is designed to last about six years. Signs that you may need a car battery replacement include:

    • You have difficulty starting your vehicle.
    • The battery warning light on the dashboard illuminates.
    • Electronics, such as interior lights or remote locks, become less efficient or stop working altogether.
    • Odors that smell like rotting eggs signal a leak in the battery.
    • You see cracks or swelling in the battery after it’s been exposed to extreme weather conditions.

    Most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids rely on lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery requires an entirely different set of diagnostics and repair capabilities. And since electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) vehicles are still relatively new on American roads, there aren’t as many technicians with the training and experience to provide repairs or replacements when you need them. At The Waxman of Tristate, you’ve found an NYC home for your battery-powered cars, trucks and SUVs.

    How Can I Extend the Life of My Car Battery?

    Taking good care of any vehicle includes regular preventive maintenance, which also includes taking steps to extend the life of your car battery. As part of your regular tune-up, your The Waxman of Tristate tech:

    • Checks for corrosion on battery terminals
    • Cleans corroded terminal connections
    • Tightens mounting hardware

    You can play your part in taking care of your battery by:

    • Not running electronics when the engine is turned off
    • Avoiding bumps and potholes whenever possible to prevent excessive vibration
    • Using only demineralized or deionized water to top off low battery fluids
    • Keeping your vehicle in a garage to avoid weather extremes
    • Buying a battery heater that works like a little blanket for your battery, especially if you live in an area that experiences extremely cold conditions

    When your vehicle shows signs of needing electrical system repair, don’t postpone having it tested to identify the cause. You’re asking for trouble. Instead, contact the experts at The Waxman of Tristate to get the advice of a trusted mechanic. The technicians are recognized experts in auto repair and auto body repair. They’ve been doing quality workmanship at fair prices since 1999.

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