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    Ceramic Wax in Jersey City, NJ

    Ceramic Wax in Jersey City, NJ

    First-class ceramic waxing in Jersey City enhances the appearance and protects your car's paintwork. At Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing, we offer the best ceramic waxing services in New Jersey that provide a long-lasting glossy shine. Our technicians have vast experience with hybrid ceramic wax, ceramic carnauba wax, and Griots ceramic wax. Trust us for the best results!

    What Is Ceramic Wax?

    Ceramic WaxCeramic car wax is a blend of ceramic polymer and synthetic wax. It’s a liquid wax that creates a hard shell of protection over your vehicle.

    Get ceramic wax because it:

    • Lasts longer
    • Provides a stronger, harder surface
    • Blocks UV rays
    • Repels water
    • Blocks most environmental contaminants

    Many of these waxes come in paste or spray and are easy to apply. However, experts recommend leaving the job to the professionals to ensure the job is done right and prevents damage to your vehicle. Contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center for the best ceramic wax job.

    How Is Ceramic Wax Applied?

    Applying ceramic wax for cars is easy, but it’s time consuming and tedious. If you’re doing this yourself, you have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s directions. Every brand is different.

    The basic steps for applying ceramic car wax include:

    • Washing the car
    • Removing contaminants
    • Rinsing well
    • Applying base layer
    • Drying
    • Washing, rinsing again
    • Adding next layer
    • Repeating the whole process
    • Doing a final rinse and dry

    Use a clay bar to remove stubborn stains. To avoid scratches, use a microfiber towel to dry. As you’re drying, take time to work the car wax into those difficult areas. Be careful not to use too much spray. This results in streaking. And never spray on glass. You can see why the process is best left to the pros at Waxman.

    What’s the Best Ceramic Car Wax?

    This depends on what you’re ultimately looking for. Ceramic carnauba wax is superior to conventional carnauba or synthetic waxes.

    Some popular types of ceramic car wax include:

    • Ceramic carnauba wax, which is a blend of polymer and carnauba. It’s less expensive and easy to use. Depending on how you care for your vehicle, it can last from four to six months.
    • Ceramic wax is a synthetic wax blended with polymer. This blend creates a hard surface. With proper maintenance it will last several months.
    • Hybrid ceramic wax is the longest lasting ceramic wax. It also has a higher viscosity, allowing for a shinier surface.

    There are several brands available today if you prefer to do it yourself. Turtle wax and Griots ceramic wax are two of the most popular ones. Most commercial brands now offer an all-in-one product. Your New Jersey professional car detailer uses the best products to provide you with the finish you choose.

    How Long Does Ceramic Wax Last?

    A DIY spray-on ceramic wax lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. A professionally applied ceramic wax for cars lasts from two to five years or more, depending on its maintenance.

    Several factors impact the longevity of ceramic wax for cars, including:

    • How you care for your vehicle
    • Where the vehicle is parked
    • How often the car is used
    • The environment

    Even the best ceramic wax coating requires a certain amount of time and effort. A professional car detailer first takes time to prepare your car. This ensures proper application and eliminates possible damage to your vehicle. Each layer needs time to dry and cure before the next layer is added. This attention to every detail adds to the life of the waxing.

    Which Is Better: Carnauba Wax or Ceramic Car Wax?

    Carnauba is a natural product that has other synthetic materials added to make it easier to use. It’s been used for many years and is considered the gold standard of waxes. It offers a shiny, water repellant surface. It doesn’t offer the protection that ceramic waxes do.

    Ceramic wax offers protection against UV rays and environmental chemicals such as tree sap and acid rain. The ceramic coating repels water. Its hard surface is resistant to some scratches and minor dents. Hybrid ceramic wax leaves a high gloss, shinier look.

    Ceramic wax adds life to your vehicle. And it adds value to your investment. A professional car detailing needs less maintenance than a DIY application. Contact the experts with the knowledge and experience you need at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center.

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