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    Engine Detailing Jersey City, NJ

    Engine Detailing Jersey City, NJ

    If, when you lift the hood of your car, it doesn’t match the cleanliness of the rest of your vehicle, it may be time for engine bay detailing. An engine wash is just as, if not more important as the regular washing and waxing you do to the outside of your car and the interior cleaning you do regularly. Engine detailing prolongs the life of your vehicle, which then helps retain its resale value. Look for the best engine wash near me in the tristate and you’ll find Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center stands out. Call them now for an appointment to get a professional engine wash.

    What Is Engine Detailing?

    engine detailing in Jersey City, NJ (before and after)

    Engine bay detailing is a process used to clean and degrease an engine. An engine wash removes built-up grime and stains. For better engine performance, make an engine detailing part of every exterior car detailing. It keeps the engine bay looking good and adds value and life to your vehicle.

    Engine compartment cleaning isn’t complicated, but it’s time-consuming. If done wrong, it causes irreparable engine damage. Car experts agree that this is a task better done by an experienced auto detailer. When you search for an engine wash near me in the tristate, Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center is the place to go. They have an excellent reputation and over 40 years of experience.

    How Much Does an Engine Detailing Cost?

    The cost primarily depends on the size and age of your vehicle. A professional exterior car detailing package averages $250. Adding engine bay detailing increases the price by $50 to $150. A thorough engine detailing alone costs from $150 to $400.

    A professional engine detailing job includes:

    • Using proper equipment
    • Protecting electrical engine parts
    • Locating and repairing oil and gasket leaks

    Proper equipment guarantees complete removal of grime and dirt. The result of car engine washing is improved performance and expanded life of your vehicle’s engine.

    Can I Clean and Detail My Car Engine Bay Myself?

    Yes, it’s a complicated but doable task. Cleaning and detailing your vehicle’s engine bay requires meticulous attention to details. Proper preparation is crucial.

    The steps that experts take when doing an engine wash include:

    • Covering all electrical and plastic parts
    • Disconnecting or removing battery
    • Covering engine intake
    • Finding appropriate degreaser
    • Using the right steam equipment and tools

    There are two basic types of degreasers: water based and solvent. Both work and both require specific handling. Most degreasers are environmentally friendly. However, the process of cleaning and degreasing creates hazardous waste. Be prepared to dispose of it properly.

    Take precautions; your expert car engine wash professional advises that you:

    • Never use a garden hose.
    • Never power wash the engine because excessive water in the wrong place damages the engine.
    • Expect the do-it-yourself process to take three or more hours. Professionals take less time.
    • Prepare to pay much more and even potentially replace the engine if you make critical mistakes.

    How Do I Paint the Engine Bay?

    If you determine that your vehicle engine bay needs more than detailing, repainting is the next step. This is especially helpful when the vehicle is older.

    The steps taken by the experienced detailers at Waxman to paint the engine bay include:

    • Removing the engine
    • Disconnecting electrical parts
    • Removing battery
    • Scrubbing and washing engine bay
    • Applying primer
    • Applying first coat of paint
    • Cleaning and reassembling engine parts
    • Checking and repairing oil and gasket leaks

    An auto detailing service shop has the equipment, expertise and knowledge to do the job right because taking care of your automobile adds life and value to your vehicle. Dirt and grime naturally build up over time. This build-up causes engine damage. It also decreases the overall performance and efficiency of your car’s engine.

    The benefits of engine detailing include:

    • Better looking car engine
    • Locating and repairing leaks
    • Longer engine life
    • Improved performance
    • Higher resale value

    Regular engine cleaning and maintenance prevent corrosion. The detailing process reveals worn parts and leaks. Exposing potential issues allows you to be proactive.

    Don’t take chances. An investment in your automobile or truck maintenance adds value to your vehicle. If you live in the tri-state area, search for a car engine wash near me or engine wash near me and contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. They are experts with a stellar reputation.

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