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    Car Maintenance in Jersey City, NJ

    Car Maintenance in Jersey City, NJ

    If you’re looking for the best car maintenance and car repair in the Jersey City area, you found it at Regular routine car maintenance restores your auto’s performance and maximizes your vehicle’s life. In Jersey City, New Jersey, or Manhattan, OEM-certified technicians who are recognized experts in foreign and domestic auto repair provide car and truck maintenance service for personal and fleet vehicles with a nationwide warranty. Call today to set up an appointment to take care of your car maintenance checklist.

    Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

    Car MaintenanceBasic car maintenance is the single most important step you can take to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. You not only extend the life of your vehicle through proper maintenance, but you also retain a higher resale value when you show potential buyers how well you’ve taken care of your car.

    As cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrids and electric cars stay on the road longer, they run into more service problems than ever before. According to the Car Care Council, the average age of cars on the road these days is close to 11.5 years. If you have an older model, you also have more chances of breaking down.

    Yearly car maintenance increases the odds that you’ll avoid breakdowns and big repair bills. The team at The Waxman of Tristate keeps your vehicle running smoothly by performing all the basic car maintenance checklist services and alerts you when they see potential problems. Early detection is another way that professionals ensure you don’t have to make that annoying call for a tow.

    What’s on My Car’s Maintenance Checklist?

    Basic car maintenance keeps your vehicle running reliably and safely. In general, it includes:

    Certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the top-rated technicians in Jersey City at The Waxman of Tristate recommend yearly car maintenance that sometimes includes:

    • Diagnostics, which they do with factory computer scanners
    • Transmission flush when switching gears gets a little sluggish
    • Power steering flush if you’ve been hearing some squeaking or having a little bit of trouble making turns
    • Brake fluid flush to extend the life and safety of your brakes

    What if I Need a Repair Too?

    When you come in for your routine car maintenance, get your New Jersey State inspection completed at the same time. If, during the inspection, you need a repair to meet the state requirements, you’re in the right place.

    Whether you need a repair to pass inspection or already know that your vehicle needs a repair, it’s easy and convenient to add that service on to the preventative maintenance service. And it’ll save you another trip. In business since 1999, The Waxman of Tristate performs minor and major repairs on all vehicles, including foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

    What Other Services Are Available?

    Your auto technicians are experts in auto body repair and painting, so your vehicle looks as good as it drives. At The Waxman of Tristate, expect superior auto body repair services that include:

    If you’ve been in an accident, The Waxman of Tristate has a 24-hour towing service in the Jersey City area. In addition to the repairs, they also help you navigate the insurance paperwork you’ll have ahead of you with services such as:

    • Managing the claims
    • Any required post-repair inspections
    • Diminished value claims

    When’s the Best Time to Call?

    The best time to call The Waxman of Tristate for preventative maintenance is before your car breaks down. When your technicians know your vehicle and its maintenance history, they can more efficiently find any problem right away.

    By relying on the best car maintenance team for all your preventative maintenance needs, you effectively improve the odds that you won’t have any inconvenient disruptions that could ruin your day. Contact The Waxman of Tristate today to make your next maintenance appointment.

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