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    Engine Tune-Up Jersey City, NJ

    Engine Tune-Up Jersey City, NJ

    A car tune-up service keeps your vehicle running smoothly. When it includes an oil change, the tune-up helps you avoid costly engine repairs down the line — just like your body, your vehicle responds best to prevention. Allowing your technicians to get to know the history of your vehicle’s maintenance ensures that everything your car needs is done on a timely basis. In Jersey City, NJ or Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx, The Waxman of Tristate is the highest-rated auto repair and tune-up shop in the area. Call today for an appointment.

    What’s an Engine Tune-Up?

    Engine Tune-UpA car tune-up is a form of preventative maintenance that’s recommended to keep your automobile as close as possible to its peak efficiency. A regular auto tune-up involves:

    • Various inspections
    • Fluid changes
    • Parts replacements

    At, skilled OEM-certified technicians perform these procedures regardless of the age and make of your car. While modern vehicles don’t require the same tune-up services as the older ones, your Jersey City-based The Waxman of Tristate tune-up shop has the tools and experience to keep your vehicle running at its best.

    Serving Jersey City in New Jersey and Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens, The Waxman of Tristate hires techs who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). They provide quality workmanship for a fair price that also includes a 12-month, 12,000-mile nationwide warranty.

    What’s Involved with an Engine Tune-Up?

    Traditional tune-ups in older cars involved regularly replacing fuel and ignition system components to keep the engine running as close as possible to factory specifications. Due to the improvements in automotive technology, today’s tune-up services are part of your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

    During your tune-up at The Waxman of Tristate, your technicians may perform any number of services designed to keep your personal vehicle or fleet vehicles running at peak performance, including:

    • Replacing the air filter
    • Replacing the cabin filter
    • Changing the oil
    • Checking the fuel pump
    • Replacing spark plugs and spark plug wires
    • Putting in a new distributor rotor
    • Checking the carburetor
    • Checking all of the vehicle’s ignition points
    • Inspecting the condenser
    • Testing fuel injectors
    • Inspecting the PCV valve and replacing it, if necessary
    • Adjusting the engine’s timing and idle positions
    • Doing a complete fuel system service, when necessary
    • Ensuring coolant levels are appropriate
    • Checking the tire pressure and tread
    • Performing a wheel alignment
    • Flushing transmission fluids
    • Topping off power steering fluid

    Of course, you won’t need all of these services during every routine engine tune-up. Your The Waxman of Tristate technician performs the services required, according to your car’s maintenance schedule. If they find any problems during inspections, they’re experts at fixing engines, heads, clutches, broken spark plugs and oil leaks.

    Is an Engine Tune-Up Really Necessary?

    Although different from old-fashioned auto tune-ups, maintenance for modern cars and trucks is still necessary to keep your vehicle running at its best, no matter what you drive. Think of annual or regular tune-ups as part of your car’s basic maintenance schedule to protect its:

    • Longevity. Preventative maintenance is the best thing you can do to keep your car on the road and protect your investment.
    • Resale value. Even if you don’t plan on keeping your vehicle long-term, any prospective buyer wants to see your maintenance record.
    • Safety. You avoid breakdowns and accidents when your car, truck or SUV undergoes regular tune-up service and potential problems get attention early.
    • Operation. Spark plugs and wires are made from much better materials these days, so they generally last up to 10 years or 100,000 miles. But not all your car parts have such a long lifespan.
    • Smooth driving. Modern motor oils and filters have improved so much, you can go as long as 5,000 miles between oil changes, as long as you use the correct weight and kind of oil.

    Your car tune-up frequency depends on the service schedule in your owner’s manual. Ask your The Waxman of Tristate technician to inspect all vital components every time you bring it in for an oil change.

    Are Engine Tune-Ups Affordable?

    Your auto tune-up costs can vary widely, based on the nature of the service you require and the type of vehicle you own. Whatever you spend on preventative maintenance, it’s a bargain in the long run. At The Waxman of Tristate, you’re guaranteed to receive quality workmanship at a fair price — usually lower than at a dealership or other tune-up shop.

    Contact the expert technicians at The Waxman of Tristate and make time for regular tune-up service. Located in Jersey City, they service both foreign and domestic cars from all New Jersey boroughs.

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