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    Ceramic Coating Glass in Jersey City

    Ceramic Coating Glass in Jersey City

    Once you add up all the consumer products you put on your windows to keep them streak free, you could have had the pros at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center apply ceramic glass coating. A ceramic coating windshield is especially nice in the rainy season and through harsh Northeast winters. Call the experts on glass ceramic coating today for a complete vehicle detail and hydrophobic coating for glass.

    What Is Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating for Glass?

    Hydrophobic means water-resistant. A hydrophobic coating for glass make the glass on your vehicles repel water, like the popular commercial product RainX®. The major difference between RainX® and professional ceramic glass coating is the amount of time it will last. When you have the masters at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center create your ceramic coating windshield, it lasts up to five years, instead of just till your next touchless car wash

    Benefits of Using Glass Ceramic Coating

    Other advantages of glass ceramic coating include:

    • Better visibility. The ceramic coating for glass has hydrophobic properties, meaning water will not stick to it and block your view.
    • More resistant to scratches. Ceramic coating can provide long-term protection, allowing you to keep your car windshield in excellent condition for a long time without needing frequent coating renewal.
    • Resists dirt, mud and other muck. The ceramic coating creates a smooth surface that retains dirt and makes the glass easier to clean.

    Glass ceramic coating should be applied by trained professionals because ceramic coating for glass is not easy to apply correctly and can cause severe breathing problems if proper ventilation precautions aren’t taken.

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    Contact Waxman of the Tri-State today for a complimentary quote! We use high-quality ceramic coating products and meticulous installation techniques to deliver an impeccable finish. Whether you’re interested in ceramic coating for your car or ceramic coating for glass surfaces, we have various packages to choose from, and we’re ready to work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

    Can You Use Windshield Wipers After Glass Ceramic Coating?

    You can certainly use your windshield wipers after applying a ceramic coating to your windshield. It actually helps your wipers have a longer life because the grit and grime is sliding right off.
    In addition to glass, you can apply ceramic coating to most materials used on your car, including:

    • Plastic on the interior and exterior of your vehicle
    • Metal on your rims and bumpers
    • Carbon fiber

    Should I Apply Ceramic Coating to the Glass?

    The answer is definitely yes! Applying a ceramic coating to your windshield and windows is a simple but long-lasting solution that will keep your car looking sleek and fresh. A glass-ceramic coating can last up to five years when applied correctly.

    Eventually, the ceramic coating will wear off with regular daily use. But if you want the best results after applying a hydrophobic coating to your glass, contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. We have experienced technicians who can help you preserve and enhance your car’s windshield.

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