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    Ceramic Window Tinting in Jersey City, NJ

    Ceramic Window Tinting in Jersey City, NJ

    If you want to protect the glass on your vehicles and provide you and your passengers with extra privacy, consider a ceramic window tint. Ceramic tinting is much more durable than simple laminates and adds another layer of sophistication to your ride. The best ceramic tinting is through experts at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center in Jersey City. Call for an appointment and while you’re there, check out the many other car detailing services available to keep you driving in a well-groomed, well-protected car.

    What Is Ceramic Window Tint?

    ceramic window tint in Jersey City

    Ceramic tints are touted as the gold standard for window tints. Like regular tints, these are made of layers of polyester or laminate. But to give them an extra boost in durability and presentation, ceramic window tints are coated with microscopic ceramic particles.

    Window tinting is an investment in your automobile. To protect that investment, work with an expert car detailing team. Contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center for the best results. Waxman has more than 40 years of detail-oriented experience.

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    What’s the Difference Between Ceramic Tinting and Regular Tints?

    One of the biggest differences is that a ceramic window tint is typically more expensive.

    Both block light and offer privacy, but there are some other pretty impressive distinctions too that include:

    • Ceramic tint blocks 90 percent of UV rays, regular tinting does not.
    • Regular tinting doesn’t block external heat like ceramic window tinting.
    • Ceramic tints are stronger and last longer.
    • Regular tints interfere with Wi-Fi and cell signals.

    Regular window tints are less expensive, but they don’t last as long. Ceramic window tinting blocks heat up to 75 percent, saving fuel you use to cool the car. And ceramic tinting offers far better protection for your vehicle.

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    How Long Does It Take to Apply Ceramic Tint?

    The entire process takes anywhere from one to five days. Some details that impact the amount of time it takes to properly install ceramic tint include:

    • Size of the vehicle
    • How long it takes to completely detail your vehicle before applying the ceramic tint
    • How many surfaces will be tinted
    • How many layers will be used
    • Drying time

    A total of two layers plus a topcoat are applied. It takes two hours between each layer to dry and it’s best that this process is not rushed.

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    How Much Does Ceramic Tint Cost?

    Labor and the quality of the film used is a big part of the cost. The more surfaces covered, the more time and film required. The industry average is between $350 and $700.

    The cost depends on several factors including:

    • The type and brand of the tint film you choose
    • The size of your vehicle
    • What surfaces are covered

    The average lifetime of ceramic tint is about two years. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper care.

    Guidelines include:

    • Keeping your vehicle clean
    • Washing and drying your car by hand
    • Avoiding gravel roads and potholes
    • Limiting its exposure to the elements

    Keeping your car covered or in a garage is the kindest thing you can do. This simple trick can add months if not years to the life of your ceramic tint. For the best, long-lasting results, use an experienced, reputable company. Contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center for the best ceramic window tinting as well as a slew of other services to protect your vehicles and keep them looking their best.

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