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    Exterior Car Detailing Jersey City

    Exterior Car Detailing Jersey City

    Exterior car detailing is a comprehensive service that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also provides essential protection against environmental damage. While you may keep up your car’s appearance with regular washing and waxing, once or twice a year it’s advisable to get exterior car detailing. When you enlist the services of detailing experts like you find at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center, you’ll notice a huge difference in how those weekly washes last. You’ll be notified if something serious is going on and your vehicles will be much more protected from the elements. When you look for exterior car detailing near me in New Jersey or New York, visit the pros. Don’t leave the details to chance. Strict with the winners and call Waxman.

    What Is Exterior Car Detailing?

    exterior car detailing in Jersey City, NJ

    Exterior car detailing is the process of cleaning the outside of your car in fine detail to make it look like new. Detailing the exterior of the car and keeping it clean is one way to maintain and even increase the value of your vehicles over time. Having your car detailed helps maintain the shine and look of your car or restore the look of a used car.

    Exterior detailing is even popular among those with a car wrap. Car detailing is frequently done over car wraps. Exterior detailing includes a car wash and a car wax among other finer details. Attention to detail is a requirement when it comes to detailing your personal vehicle.

    Some of the accessories frequently detailed on the exterior of a car include:

    • Exterior glass cleaning
    • Checking the engine for leaks
    • Headlight polishing
    • Wheel cleaning

    Contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today to make arrangements for a thorough detailing that you really should do at least twice a year. The team at Waxman advises you about regular maintenance and they can help you maintain a showroom floor look for all your vehicles.

    What Are the Benefits of Professional Exterior Car Detailing Compared to Do-It-Yourself Methods?

    Having exterior auto detailing done by a pro is often the better choice because do-it-yourself methods frequently go wrong due to inexperience. Having your car professionally detailed saves time and may even save you money if your car requires special detailing services such as paint correction.

    Getting your car detailed by a professional ensures there will be little room for error, which ends up providing you with the best quality service.

    Some advantages to having your exterior detailed by a professional include:

    • Saving time. A job done by a professional on a properly maintained car typically only takes about two to four hours.
    • Saving money. If you need specialty detailing done on specific surfaces, it may save you money to have it done by a professional at the same time as your detailing.

    Doing it yourself may lead to costly errors and could damage the exterior of your car, which might require you to have even more work done. Luxury car detailing can be really costly if mistakes are made. This is another example of a service better left to a professional.

    I recently purchased a 93 Volvo 240 that has been sitting for 10 years. Naturally, the interior an exterior needed a thorough cleaning. Just happened to be driving down John f Kennedy boulevard and spotted it and drove right in. They proceeded to do the most thorough and detailed cleaning. Albert the tech who helped me was amazing. Highly recommend this place if you want to get the most top-notch detailing experience.

    John Deprospo

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Beautiful job!!! Amazing interior polishing and exterior too!

    Tarsisius Tiyani

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Author was nothing less than amazing with his customer service very professional. And juel did a fantastic job with my exterior detail work. I would definitely come back.

    Felicia J

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    How Much Does Exterior Car Detailing Cost?

    According to a Mobile Tech RX study done in 2020, the average cost of a car detailing is around $160. Vans and SUVs often cost around $50 more. Professional detailing companies often charge for service packages that can range up to $200 and sometimes more.

    While you may save money doing it yourself, you do have to invest in special tools such as:

    • Power tools for polishing and buffing
    • Detailing kits
    • Ceramic wax or other high-end polishing products

    The expertise the professionals have at Waxman far exceeds the average tips you’re going to find in an online community for would-be DIYers too. A few power tools and a basic starter kit that you’ll find at your local hardware store is going to pale in comparison to the job the experts at Waxman could do for your ride.

    What Does Exterior Car Detailing Include?

    Exterior car detailing includes numerous steps including washing and polishing. Car exterior detailing addresses paint protection and taking care of minor scratches. When swirls in the paint are minor, professional car exterior detailing covers those up.

    Typically, after washing the exterior of the car, the exterior detailing process begins and includes:

    • Paint clay. Clay bars are used on the paint to take off leftover residue from the washing.
    • Polishing. is used to remove swirls and scratches.
    • Waxing. Using carnauba or ceramic wax at the end adds an extra layer of shine and protection.

    It’s advisable to get a number of detailing extras done at the same time because you’ll get your vehicle on a solid detail schedule and save money when things like the car wash don’t have to be repeated.

    Effective services that are recommended to do with exterior auto detailing include:

    How Long Does Exterior Detailing Last?

    The short answer is the better you take care of your car, the longer the detailing lasts. With that said, a professionally done job with a ceramic coating or high-end wax could last up to two years. You need to keep up with weekly washing, however, to ensure no environmental hazards ruin the layer of paint protectant.

    Several factors that improve the lifespan of your exterior detailing include:

    • Keeping your vehicle in a garage and out of the elements as much as possible
    • Staying away from parking under trees that leave sap on your roof
    • Taking a ride share or subway in the winter when salted roads can tear up a car’s finish
    • Using a cover that easily pulls over your car if you don’t have access to a garage

    Exterior car detailing is worth it not only for the overall owner experience but also to protect your investment. Driving a clean car makes you and any of your fellow passengers much more comfortable. Any time you purchase a car, as soon as you drive it off the lot it loses value. A great way to help your car maintain its maximum value is to keep it protected and clean.

    What Else Boosts the Value and Image of My Vehicles?

    exterior car detailing in NJ

    Car detailing can go so much further than just keeping your vehicles clean and polished. To really ensure the longevity of your paint job, maintain a clean, sleek appearance and boost the resale value of your cars, trucks, SUVs and even your boats, take advantage of the exceptional services offered at Waxman, such as:

    • Roof wraps that are ideal when you must park under trees that drip sap all over your car’s roof. It’s a great protectant from acid rain and other environmental hazards as well.
    • Interior detailing because a messy interior is especially noticeable when the outside is so pristine. You feel so much better driving in a clean car that smells fresh and feels new too.
    • Protecting the upholstery with special products your detailer carries to apply to your upholstery once it’s been thoroughly cleaned and the seats shampooed.

    A great exterior and interior detailing job also keeps you safer because the technicians look at every part of your vehicle and notice when something isn’t exactly right and may need fixing with things like wheel repair or headlight restoration.

    What Difference Does Exterior Car Detailing Make?

    No matter how you slice it, the cleanliness of your car is a reflection on you. You want to make a good first impression no matter where you go. You wouldn’t go into work or show up for that hot date looking unkempt. Driving a car is no different. Often, depending on what industry you’re in, your job may require you to drive clients around. A clean, well-maintained car is a reflection on your image and your company.

    Consider a regular schedule for exterior detailing if you work as a:

    • Ride share driver
    • Real estate agent
    • Tour guide
    • Car salesperson
    • Professional auto detailer

    Exterior car detailing ensures your car looks flawless and its surfaces are protected. If you want your car to stand out and have that fresh new look, contact Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. Our professionals use advanced techniques and the best tools to achieve perfect results. Trust us with your vehicle, and it will shine like new. Call us now!

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