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    Choosing Your Car Wrap Color

    Choosing Your Car Wrap Color

    If you want to protect your vehicle and give it a new appearance without being too drastic or spending too much, car wrap color is a great option. A custom vinyl wrap can give your car that wow factor you seek, whether you want a new spin on your sports car or a new design for the hood of your pickup. Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center offers you a chance to wrap your car in the colors of your choice and keep your vehicle looking great for years. The experts help you choose the perfect color schemes, designs, and styles for your vehicle that make it truly yours.

    Vinyl car wrapping has become very popular as it is an affordable way to modify your vehicle the way you want. You can have your car wrapped in any color you like. Usually comprised of vinyl, the wrap can be a protective overlay with a different color, or bespoke design using a range of colors instead of a solid block color. You can use a wrap to cover smaller segments of your vehicle or completely change its looks, depending on what you have in mind.

    Car wraps can look as beautiful and appealing as a fresh coat of paint. They can protect your paintwork from light scratches and chips, are easily removable, and increase the resale value of your vehicle. Along with a color change, vehicle wrapping adds a shiny gloss or smooth matte finish, depending on your choice. Finding a professionally trained technician ensures you achieve the desired results and avoid any bubbles or wrinkles in your car.

    Read on to learn more about car wrap colors and how the right color wrap can give your vehicle a fresh lease of life and a chance to drive in something you love.

    What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

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    Why Is Your Car Wrap Color Important?

    Choosing the right wrap color is essential as it can complement a vehicle in multiple ways. You can also personalize your wrap in a way that makes you happy. The good thing is that you are not limited to one color when you wrap your car. You can select from many different patterns, bespoke designs, and styles in various colors.

    If you are tired of driving a car that looks like all other cars, instead of changing your car completely, you can change its appearance in a way you like.

    What Do You Want Out of Your Vinyl Car Wrap Color?

    Before shopping for a car wrap, think about what you want for your vehicle.

    • Do you want it to look different?
    • Do you want it to manifest your personality?
    • Do you want to draw attention?

    You also need to decide if you want the wrap to cover the whole of your vehicle or just sections of it. Isolating sections to be colored, such as car doors, bumpers, or just surrounding the trims, can transform your vehicle’s look entirely.

    How to Choose a Car Wrap Color for Your Vehicle?

    A new and exciting color can completely change the appearance of your car. If you are not satisfied with how your car looks now, you can get a new look by having it wrapped. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but you can look forward to adding more elegance, luxury, and style to your vehicle.

    Before taking it for the actual process, settle on a color and decide how you want your car to be. Whether you wish to make a statement with your wrap job and stand out, or even disappear in the crowd, choosing the right color can help you do that.

    You can select a bold color like red or gold to catch attention, choose a common color like white, blue, or grey, and enjoy a sleek, beautiful appearance without being too noticeable.

    What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

    Colors can speak volumes without needing words or letters. The modifications and colors you apply to your car can reflect many things about you and your personality. Each color gives a different meaning or feeling. You may want to find out what a particular color says about you before opting for a color.

    • Red – It implies you have high energy, passion, love, and crave power.
    • Orange – It suggests energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.
    • Yellow – It gives off a sense of energy, optimism, joy, warmth, and brightness and that you are happily taking risks.
    • Green – It is a sign of nature, safety, and luck.
    • Blue – It is a color of stability, calmness, trust, and productivity and indicates caution.
    • Purple – it is a sign of wealth, mystery, and imagination.
    • Pink – it indicates romance, kindness, and nurturing ability.
    • Black – It suggests power, boldness, mystery, and that you could be intimidating to other drivers. It is the most popular color for luxury vehicles.
    • Grey – It implies refinement, dignity, intelligence, knowledge, and that you are happy to go with the flow.
    • White – It is a sign of peacefulness, innocence, and cleanliness and that you hold yourself high.
    • Brown – it indicates nature, strength, and security.
    • Gold – It is a sign of wealth and luxury.
    • Silver – It suggests hope, sensitivity, kindness, and confidence while driving.

    These colors, their psychological implications, and how you could be perceived can help you make a good choice.

    How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Car Wrap Color?

    The cost of wrapping your car depends on several factors, including the model of your car, surface area, and the car’s edges. A full wrap on a vehicle can cost anywhere between $2000 and $6000.

    The total size of the vehicle can significantly affect the wrapping cost. Some vehicles also have fiddly and complicated bends and curves, which can make the wrapping procedure complex, take more time to complete, and thus increase the cost. You will have to take your car to a reputable car wrap shop to get a total cost estimate to know how much you will be paying for the service.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Car Wrap Colors

    For making the right wrap color selection, remember that different colors can give off different moods. It is up to you to determine what color would complement your vehicle and make it the best version. Cooler car wraps such as gloss ice blue and green are a great choice, but it is significant to see that if these cool tones match your aesthetic needs. Also, you should consider the finish you seek after choosing your perfect color.

    Here are some tips to help you make the right wrap color decision:

    • Sample and test wrap colors before making any final decision. It is necessary to see how a color will present in real life to get an insight into the final product.
    • If you have any other design elements like graphics or text, you need to create a contrast with the wrap color for good design coordination.
    • Keep wrap longevity and durability in mind when making your choice as not all wrap colors are created equally. Specific colors are known to fade faster, such as those with red pigments, and exposure to harsh sun rays can also reduce the durability of the wrap regardless of the brand used.
    • Cleaning your car and keeping exposure to sun and other weather features can help to protect your wrap and increase its lifespan.

    Sometimes, the finish of gloss, matte, and texture wraps can make or break your chosen color. These finishes can complement your vehicle differently by adding a unique touch.

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    Color Ideas and Inspiration for Car Wrap

    Vehicle wraps are available in a wide range of colors. This variety of choices makes vehicle wraps incredibly versatile and customizable to the car owner’s taste. A great way to get inspiration for your vehicle’s wrap is to look at what wraps have worked for people before. Some colors are popular because they look really good. Combined with eye-catching graphics, these wraps can make the car exterior stand out. They are also ideal for businesses that want to create brand awareness.

    It is also important to note that you don’t always need to wrap your whole car. If you want to go for a change or make a style statement, you can go over the options to add a different look or feel to your vehicle. Even small changes can make a big difference and add a lot aesthetically.

    As vehicle wraps are more durable than paint, high-quality wrapping can last around 10 years or more. It is thicker than paint, more resistant to damage, and easier to maintain, making it a win-win deal for vehicle owners.

    You can go for any of the following:

    • De-chromes – De-chrome wraps cover all the dated trims and create a new look for your car.
    • Car fiber detailing – It adds a small but positive change to your vehicle. Car fiber detailing can give a more professional, sleek look to exhaust and wing mirrors.
    • Striped details – Even customized striped details can add character to your vehicle if you don’t want to wrap up the whole car.
    • Interior wrapping – It may not create a bold statement as compared to the exterior, but gives you a chance to create a custom look inside the car. Sadly, not all vehicles can be interior-wrapped.
    • Embossing – This is the process when graphics are embossed under the surface of the vehicle, adding a personalized logo, image, or anything you want. It is most suitable for branding as it makes a vehicle stand out and create impact, particularly for prompting something
    • .

    Vehicle wraps provide a great opportunity to completely transform the car exterior using a variety of preselection colors and patterns or even a fully customized design. Whether you want to modify the look of your car or put your company logo on your work vehicle, a vinyl wrap may be just what you need.

    Do you need help picking between all the car wrap colors? Don’t waste time. Call Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today for an appointment. The team of expert technicians will guide you about the mood each color gives off, options for color change, and its expected cost, and help you choose the color you really enjoy to match your aesthetic.

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