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    Everything You Need to Know About Paint Protection for New Cars

    Everything You Need to Know About Paint Protection for New Cars

    Keeping your new car in top shape can be difficult, as road debris and environmental contaminants can damage the paintwork. New car paint protection offered by your dealer can help you achieve this goal and enjoy lasting finish and pleasure every time you get behind the wheels. Call Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today and schedule an appointment to find out more about car paint protection and if it can provide the solution you are seeking for your vehicle. The professional detailers will help you understand how new car paint protection works and safeguards your vehicle from all kinds of damage.

    Paint protection is an invisible coating applied over a car’s paintwork and serves as a protective layer. It can save you substantial amount of money by shielding your car from various elements that can damage its paint and body. It is an effective, low-maintenance way of keeping your vehicle exterior in good condition. It will be easier to clean, and you will not have to worry about polishing it or small bits of damage.

    This treatment is a good choice if you are buying a new car. You will not see any changes in the car, but the spray-on clear coat of protection to the paint job will help defend your vehicle from natural occurrences such as bird droppings, chips, and tree sap, as well as other harmful elements.

    How Does Paint Protection Work?

    It creates a layer of chemical resistance that guards your vehicle exterior from environmental contaminants such as acid rain, insects, bird droppings, and tree sap, as well as damage from UV rays, oxidation, and other factors. When applied right, it creates a hard layer on the paint’s surface that provides long-lasting protection from all types of harmful agents. Protecting your car paint from the beginning ensures it retains its gloss and shine for a long time.

    When it comes to shielding your new car’s paint job, particularly in extreme weather conditions, several options are available to help you. Each option offers different levels of protection and caters to car owner’s various needs and preferences. Understanding how these paint protection options work and what they can do for your vehicle can help you make an informed decision and the best choice.

    Important Things To Consider Before You Opt For Paint Protection

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    What Protects Your Vehicle Paint?

    There are several different types of paint protection. It can be a physical film or a liquid sprayed on the paint. The most commonly used is a spray-on application. The chemicals in the paint protection include polymer paint sealants. These chemicals provide a layer of protection for a short period of time. If you want to protect your vehicle paint job year-round, have them applied multiple times. The best thing to do is to reapply them after washing and polishing your vehicle when it gets really dirty.

    How It Is Applied?

    Knowing what is added to your car to protect the paint, how it is applied, and when is an important question. Paint protection is sprayed directly to the color. There is no wax, polish, or other substances under the protection. It goes on the raw paint to bond with it for lasting security. Once the paint protection is applied, the vehicle is waxed and shined before it is handed over to you.

    Applying Car Protection – Can You Do It Yourself?

    Applying paint protection may not be a difficult task, but it is a task that requires precision and skill. You may try and do it yourself to save money, but it is not safe. It contains extremely strong chemicals that should only be handled by trained professionals.

    There are several others reasons why you should not apply car protection yourself:

    • If you apply it yourself without using proper safety equipment, it can cause various health risks.
    • A professional understands the correct way to clean the paint to ensure adhesion, which you do not know.
    • There is no way you can correct any scratches or marks you leave behind if you attempt to apply it yourself.

    However, do not take your vehicle to any detailer. To care for your vehicle smartly and ensure it is in safe hands, look around for the best service provider. Search for a reliable detailer in your area and see if they have trained professionals who know how to do it right. You can also talk to the technician applying paint protection to your car to check out how well he knows his job and if he can answer your questions regarding the service.

    Is Paint Protection Worth the Investment?

    Yes. It is worth considering because the money you are spending now could save you thousands of dollars down the road. The extra money added to the cost of the vehicle is not too much if you calculate the overall maintenance and repair costs over the years. While the cost also varies depending on the dealer and the type of car you are buying, it is a good option for car owners who want to preserve the looks and finish of their vehicle.

    If your car is protected, you will not have to worry about getting it painted before selling it. Car painting is a detailed process that can delay or even affect a future sale. Also, the paperwork on the paint job is a key bargaining chip for when you decide to sell the car, as it shows the potential buyer that you had it repainted. Thus, protecting a car from the beginning can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

    Important Things to Consider Before You Opt For Paint Protection

    If you are still thinking about new car paint protection, there are a few things you need to consider before removing forward:

    • Where do you live – Do you live in a place with lots of trees in your yard? If yes, you should focus on protecting your paint against birds, acorns, and other natural debris that can damage car paint.
    • Do you drive often or only enjoy weekend road trips – If you have a long daily commute from home to work and back or enjoy taking weekend road trips, then paint protection is a good option for your car. It can save the paint from chips and scratches caused by flying stones and insects.
    • Do you keep your car in the garage – If you do not have a garage and your vehicle is parked outside, paint protection can shield your car from damaging factors.
    • Do you wax and clean your car regularly – If you wax and clean your car regularly or get it polished by experts, you do not need to get paint protection, as regular care can keep your vehicle paint shiny and looking new.

    If you are concerned about keeping your new car in good shape and retaining its value, car paint protection is a good idea. Your car is a significant and lasting investment, so keeping it in top condition is necessary. However, you must know that paint protection does not offer protection from bad driving, dents, or dings from vehicles parked too close. For professional paint protection in the New Jersey area, bring your vehicle to Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center.

    Our services provided to keep your vehicle looking its best include:

    Visit Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today if you are interested in learning more about new car paint protection, how it works, and if it is the most suitable option for your vehicle. The professionals will tell you everything you need to know about car paint protection and what it can do for your vehicle in the long run. They may also suggest some other ways to protect your vehicle’s paint job and exterior to keep your car looking its best.

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