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    Carbon Window Tint vs Ceramic Tint

    Carbon Window Tint vs Ceramic Tint

    If you are ready to give a new look and feel to your car windows and want them to look and feel cool, it is time to make up your mind and explore ceramic and carbon window tints. Learning the differences between ceramic window tints and regular tints, as well as carbon vs ceramic window tints helps you figure out the best solution your vehicle deserves. Reach out to Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today and seek expert advice to decide which type of window film best suits your goals and budget. The experts talk about the different aspects of ceramic window tint and whether it is the right investment for your vehicle.

    Keeping your vehicle safe on the roads starts with window tinting. Car window tints are available in multiple options and come in several types of materials and chemicals that are used for coating the underlying, transparent film. These tint layers can change the look and feel of your vehicle exterior, as well as the tint’s performance.

    Dyed window tint works well too, and it is an affordable option in the market, but ceramic tint and carbon are considered the best quality solution for your needs. If you are looking for the right way to tint your car windows, find out how lasting and durable these tints are and which material will work best for your vehicle.

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    Which Tint Products Are the Best?

    While there are different types of window films, the following are the most commonly used types. Knowing the key differences between these window film materials will give you an idea of how they are rated by professional installers.

    • Dyed window tint – It is the most economical window tint film that is rated high. The dyed window tint blocks light rays and absorbs some heat. It is the best option for people who want privacy but are not much bothered about UV light or infrared light rejection.
    • Metalized window tint – This product is rated better as it reflects heat using metallic particles in the film. It is one step up from the dyed film and looks a bit shiny from the outside. The problem with this tint is that it can interfere with cell phone and GPS signals.
    • Carbon window tint – It is considered an even better window tint than the previous two as it features a mix of carbon particles that provide superior heat rejection as compared to metal films. It does not block any phone or GPS signals, which gives you a chance to enjoy functionality along with stylish windows. Carbon window tint offers the benefits of advanced technology with aesthetics.
    • Ceramic window tint – It is a premium product and the answer to all the needs of car owners. Ceramic films make use of special ceramic particles to block out a majority of heat, harmful UV rays, and annoying glare of the sun. No other product offers as high-quality tint as ceramic films. They are the perfect solution for people who seek the highest level of performance from their window films, comfortable indoor temperatures and clean protective windows.

    Benefits of Carbon Window Tinting

    Carbon window tint uses nano-carbon particles that are blended into the film to provide superior heat and UV protection. It offers ideal protection to your vehicle from the sun. It has protective properties against UV rays and glare and a tremendous privacy factor for any tint 50% VLT and below.

    It also offers good safety features, and you can rest assured the dye material will not interfere with your phone, GPS, or radio signals. With long life and lasting durability, carbon tint blocks a higher percentage of solar energy, nearly 50%, making it far better than metallic tints.

    Other benefits include:

    • Superior scratch resistance
    • Guaranteed no fading or tint turning purple
    • 99% UV ray rejection
    • Neutral black color

    Benefits of Ceramic Window Tinting

    Ceramic window tint uses ceramic particles to provide superior heat and UV protection. It offers the same level of protection as carbon window tints with improved clarity. It is the newest technology that uses nano-ceramic, and rejects infrared light, UV rays, and also blocks heat. It comes in a wide range of colors to suit any car owner’s style.

    Ceramic tint offers great protective qualities and provides car owners a sense of privacy as it does not reflect light from the outside. Ceramic tints are made from a material that creates a thick panel and makes the windows very strong and resistant to damage but at the same time offers a clear view through the window, improving driving with better vision. This type of window tint lasts for a long time and is very durable compared to other tints.

    Ceramic Window Tinting

    Other benefits include:

    • Highest quality of window tint film that is both nonconductive and nonmetallic
    • Maximum efficiency in the functioning of radios, cell phones, and GPS systems
    • 73% to 91% solar heat rejection
    • Up to 99% blockage of UV light from entering the interior

    Carbon vs. Ceramic Tint – What’s the Difference?

    Carbon tints look great on a car, but they do not have the same heat rejection capabilities as ceramic. Ceramic window tints successfully prevent the entry of UV light into the vehicle interior by absorbing and reflecting glare.

    It also blocks about 70% to 90% of the sun’s solar heat, in contrast to carbon tint, with only about 40% blocking action. If you go for ceramic tint film installation on the windshield, you will not face any visibility issues from the inside. Even if it looks dark from the outside, it is not dark from the inside, unlike nano carbon tint that becomes darker with heavier shade.

    When it comes to durability and quality, ceramic coating wins hands down. However, it may not be the best product for your vehicle or requirements. It is essential to check out what it is, and how you can benefit from ceramic window tint in the long run. Discussed here are some of the differences between carbon and ceramic tint to help you make up your mind.

    Use of Technology

    Ceramic window tint films are the latest technology in the market that provides the best driving experience. They are made from nano-ceramic technology, which is nonconductive to heat and nonmetallic. The material has outperformed all other films when it comes to UV light rejection, infrared light rejection, sun glare reduction, and visibility.

    Carbon window tint is more effective than any other metallic dyes used before and reduces the heat that enters your car, helping keep it cool in warm weather. But it is not the most advanced technology, and as its particles are large, and light can enter the film, creating glare and haze.

    Quality and Durability

    Ceramic window tint is the best option in terms of quality and durability and surpasses any other tint, but this quality and durability comes at a higher price. However, if you have a limited budget, carbon tinting is also a good choice. It can prevent solar heat and sun fading at a lower price and offers energy efficiency too.


    When it comes to privacy, both carbon and ceramic tints work well, but if you want increased safety, security, and anti-shattering properties, ceramic tint is the best. Your windows remain dark, and anyone standing outside will not be able to see the interior of the car.

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    Which Is the Best Option for Your Car?

    Choosing the best option for your car depends on many factors. You need to ask yourself if you want to save money and go with carbon ceramics for regular protection or if you are more interested in top-rated products and the latest technology that costs more.

    Both carbon and ceramic tints work effectively against UV rays, excessive heat, glare, and other damages, but there is no denying that when compared, the ceramic tint does the job much better. It gives your window a lighter appearance and does not reflect outside light, creating a more private environment. However, if you do not want to spend much, carbon tint can provide decent performance and privacy benefits at a more affordable price.

    Ultimately, the choice between carbon and ceramic tint depends on individual preferences, budget, specific requirements, and most importantly, what you like or want. If you prefer quality over price and premium products, don’t think twice and select ceramic window tinting.

    To find out more about blocking infrared light and understand which window tint will work out best for your vehicle, call Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center today and schedule an appointment with an expert. The experts discuss in detail the benefits of ceramic and carbon window tints and help you determine which of them offers the best heat rejection and UV properties and more comfort on the road.

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