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    Powder Coating Rims

    Powder Coating Rims

    Go for powder coating on your rims when you want to add a touch of style to your ride without spending a lot. Powder coating rims near me in Jersey City is done best by the the pros at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. Contact the detailing experts who love nothing better than seeing rim powder coating drive out of the shop coupled with a smile on your face. And while you’re there, check out all the other expert detailing services available.

    What Are Powder Coating Rims?

    Coating Rims in Jersey City, NJ

    If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your vehicle’s wheels, but you don’t want to buy new ones, consider rim powder coating. The process of powder coating rims is done to change the color of the wheels, trim pieces and body panels. It can really make your rims stand out. And having this done offers a great alternative — and lower cost — than buying custom rims.

    If you need powder coating rims near me done in the Jersey City area, visit the skilled professionals at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. Whether you’re looking for rim powder coating, wheel restoration, paint correction, paint protection or auto detailing, you can count on quality service backed by years of experience.

    How Are Powder Coat Rims Near Me Done?

    Powder coat rims are done by applying dry power to a pretreated surface. Any type of metal rims can be powder coated, such as aluminum, steel and brass. Steps involved in rim powder coating include:

    • Prep the rims. A well-prepared surface allows powder coating to stay on the rims for many years. To prep the rims for powder coating, debris and dirt are removed with a thorough cleaning.
    • Powder coating. Electrostatically charged color and resin particles are sprayed on the rim. This process relies on the electric charge to ensure the powder adheres to the surface of the rim.
    • Coating is set. The powder coating is set using high temperatures so that the powder melts and flows evenly over the surface of the rim.

    Powder coating not only adds gloss and color to your rims, it also creates a durable shield that can last 20 years or more when properly applied and pretreated. This process helps your rims resist flaking and chipping.

    What’s the Difference Between Painting and Powder Coating Rims?

    Powder coating rims isn’t the same as painting. The positive charge allows powder coating to adhere to the rims without the problems associated with painting, such as:

    • Being distributed unevenly
    • Pooling
    • Running

    This means that after powder coating, you end up with a stronger coat than painting and less wasted product. Paint may give you more color choices, but powder coating offers more overall coverage and better resistance to road debris and weather factors.
    Powder coating can last up to three times longer than painting too. If you should decide you want powder coating removed, it can be done with chemical stripping. It can also be removed using media blasting.

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    How Much is Rim Powder Coating Near Me?

    The cost of powder coating starts at around $75 per rim. The cost varies based on the size of the rims and what type of powder coating is used. Since powder coating lasts for years without needing additional maintenance, it provides a more cost-effective finish than paint and your rims look stunning and brand new.

    Choosing a qualified technician with extensive experience is an important factor in attaining the results you’re looking for from powder coated rims. When you need powder coating done, the top choice for rim powder coating in New Jersey is Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center. Contact them for an appointment today.

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